Let Us Shine Some Light On The Subject…

''Nightclub-Style'' Wedding DJs... What does that mean?

Put simply, it means that we prefer to forego the gimmicks, cheesy games, excessive banter, and abundance of worn-out songs that has long been the staple… and the stigma of the wedding DJ.  Our focus during the dancing portion of the night is on reading the crowd, and keeping the dancefloor jumping!   During a BPM Deejays performance, you will hear old favorites, current hits, unique remixes, and maybe a few things that you never knew you liked.  Each song is blended seamlessly into the next throughout the night, keeping the beat on time, and the energy high.

Okay, so do you just spin records, or do you MC the event, too?

First, let’s clarify the term: “MC” stands for “Master of Ceremonies”.  This is truly the best description of our job as professional wedding DJs.  While a strong presence on the microphone is an asset in a nightclub, it is essential at a wedding or a mobile event.  We perform all of the introductions and announcements throughout your event, and take great pride in doing so tastefully and accurately.  We are comfortable enough to interject some personality when appropriate, but do so sparingly.  If you are afraid of the type of DJ that hijacks every wedding with his “wacky” personality and lame jokes, you can rest assured that you won’t find him at BPM Deejays.

Your name, ''BPM'' Deejays... Does that mean that you only play EDM or ''Techno'' music?

Fair question, satellite radio subscriber, but no!  Variety is the spice of life, and we are music maniacs; we love it ALL!  BPM stands for “Beats Per Minute”, which is how the tempo of a song is measured.  Think of it as music MPH.  BPM Deejays was droppin’ beats long before the popular satellite radio station existed.

If I book BPM Deejays, who will be the DJ at my wedding?

The DJ at your wedding will be the one you chose, the one named in your contract, and the one that you have grown familiar with through the planning stages preceding your big day.  We are not a “booking agency” that will merely send “a DJ” to your wedding.  We do not “bait and switch.” We provide the personalized services of a select group of professional DJs who want to get to know you, and understand your vision of the perfect wedding.

Do your DJs carry back up equipment?

Yes!  And to be clear: our backup does not consist of an iPod or another inferior means of “limping” through the event should our main system fail.  All of our DJs carry extra laptops, hard drives, mixers, speakers, etc, to ensure that an equipment failure will not prevent us from delivering the performance that we have promised.

Do you drink alcohol when you DJ a wedding?

Absolutely not.  This is your day to celebrate with family and friends, and it is our day to entertain you.  Our responsibility to you, your guests, and our reputation as professionals is too great to risk, even on the mere perception that we have been affected by alcohol.  Don’t worry about us… if you are having a good time, we are having a good time!  And hey… there’s always the after-party, right?